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Chen Shi Taijiquan
Xulu Village, Wenxian County, Henan Province 

Preparations for the Public Demonstration
Master Chen Qing-zhou's Students Warming Up

Demonstration of Chen Dao

  Master Chen's Son Demonstrates Double Dao
Master Yang with the Grandson of Master Chen 
Outstanding Performance of Lao Jia by the Grandson
Master Chen's Demonstration of Lao Jia 
Master Chen's Son Demonstrates the Chen Spear Form
Master Chen's Son Demonstrates the Double Edge Sword 
Master Chen's New Book on Training with the Taiji Sphere
"A Master in the Making" Master Chen's 3Ω Year Old Grandson
Departing the Village -- Master Chen and Family -- A Most Gracious Host -- Thanks!! 

After taking many pictures and tapings, our direction headed south into the Henan province in search of Chen style taijiquan. That night we stayed in a wonderfully modern hotel in Jiaozuo. We had clocked over twelve hours of travel time throughout the dusty backroads of the Henan and Hebei province and were delighted to take a late night meal of wonderfully flavored noodles. After dinner, most headed for bed in anticipation of a visit to the Chen Village area.

The next day, after sitting in a traffic jam for an hour or so, we finally got on the road and arrived in Xulu Village, Wenxian County, home of the Chen Lao Jia Master, Chen Qing-zhou.

Master Chen practices and promotes an original version of lao jia Chen shi taijiquan as taught to him by his master, Chen Zhao-kui. In his later years, Master Chen refused to embrace and teach the new government-sponsored styles of Chenís taijiquan. As a result, he was somewhat branded as a rebel/outcast. However, time has passed and Master Chen has established an American Branch of his style of lao jia in California. He and his sons actively promote their old style of traditional forms and training by conducting frequent seminars in the United States (see vols 19.2 and 19.4 of Tai Chi Magazine for further details).

Upon arrival, Master Chen arranged a public demonstration for our viewing. The demonstration included lao jia, pao tui, spear, dao and sword performances. Participants included his 3Ω year old grandson (an incredible performance of lao jia form), Master Chen, his two sons, Chen You-ze and Chen You-qiang, and many of his up and coming students. In turn, Master Yangís formal student, Bob Figler, demonstrated our version of lao jia. Master Yang learned most of his Chenís taijiquan from Master Du Yu-ze of Taiwan (originally of Wenxian County). Master Du received his primary training in lao jia from Chen Fakeís father, Chen Yen-xi. We were pleased to discover that our form and Master Chenís form were about 85% the same, with only some minor posture differences. Other performances included Joe Bennett playing Baji/Pigua combination (similar in explosive power to the pao tui routine) and a group performance of GM Liuís abstraction of the Yang style taijiquan. After the performance we were extended an invitation into their training hall for pictures and refreshments. Unfortunately this visit was far too short and it wasnít long before we were back on the toad and headed for an overnight stay in the beautiful city of Jinan, Shandong province.

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