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Wu Tang Center for Martial Arts Returns from Year 2000 China Tour

Departure from the Akron/Canton Airport
A View of the Great Wall
Zhen Hai Kou: The Guardian of Baji Country


On July 1, students of the Wu Tang Center for Martial Arts, led by their teacher, Master Tony Yang, embarked on an extensive Year 2000 tour of China. Accepting Master Yangís invitation to travel with our Wu Tang school were also two students from the Center of Body-Mind Harmony of Tallmadge, Ohio. The trip was initially organized to attend the Qingdao Martial Arts Tournament. However, the 16-day excursion included a 3,000-mile plus trek through the Hebei, Henan, Shandong, and An Hui provinces. Stops included Cangzhou, home of the baji/pigua martial arts system, Xulu village in the Henan province, home of the Chen Qing-zhou (old style Chen taijiquan), and the majestic setting of Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) in the An Hui province.

Cangzhou, Hebei Province
Entering the Cangzhou Temple 
After a hearty meal in our Beijing hotel and a good nightís sleep, the next morning some of the group headed out for a tour of China'í Great Wall, Badaling section. Others reconnected with close friends residing and visiting Beijing. That night food was taken at the famous Beijing Quan Ju De Kao Ya Zi restaurant. Kao ye zi is the famous Beijing Duck and is the "specialty" of the house.
The Temple
Grandpa in the Back Area of the Temple
Painting of the Temple
Another Painting of the Temple 
  Master Yang and Formal Student Bob Figler Showing Basic Baji Posture
Master Yang Demonstrates Baji Postures 
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  b12 Early the next morning the journey to Baji country began. Cang County, Hebei province, is the home place of our Grandmaster, the late general, Liu Yun-Qiao. As we entered into the Hebei province, on of the first cities we passed was Tianjin. Tianjin is a heavily industrialized city with a special significance for the students of Master Yang. It was here, in 1936, that GM Liu soundly defeated a champion Japanese swordsman. This incident helped establish GM Liuís martial arts prowess among many of the elderly martial arts masters of the region.
  Group Picture of Baji Posture

After driving for many hours, we arrived at Cangzhou, Hebei province, and visited the famous Lion, Zhen Hai Kou and temple. Zhen Hai Kou is one who controls (suppresses the demons) of the harbor, meaning that the lion is somewhat of a protector of the area. The area is a tough place, reminiscent of Luke Skywalkerís childhood home (Star Wars). There is a saying in the region that if the men of the village are not available to take up your martial arts challenge the women would be more than glad to stand in.