Wu Tang Center for Martial Arts
held its Sixth Annual
in honor of the late Grandmaster Liu Yun-Chiao October 5, 2002
at the Canton Memorial Civic Center

Jef Naayers group performing an extraordinary lion dance

After the Master's Demonstration, Master Yang presented awards to the visiting Masters

Master Yang presenting to Jef Naayers

Master Yang presenting to David Chin

Master Yang with Sun De Yao

Master Yang and Jimmy Wong

Dave Parks leads his students in a group Taiji demonstration

Huang Xi Ming congratulating Kevin Walle and PAOLO Castaneda, Chen's Taiji Medalists

ALICIA Whitewolf, Women's Praying Mantis Medalist

MELISSA Berry, Women's Praying Mantis Medalist


CAROL Schrecengost, Baguazhang Medalist

ANDY Kuntz, Baguazhang Medalist

JENNIFER Sofranko, Bagua Weapons Medalist

ANDY Kuntz, Bagua Weapons Medalist

NANCY Gardner, Chen's Taiji Medalist

GARY Harris, Chen's Taiji Medalist

David Schultz, Yang's Taiji Medalist

PAOLO Castaneda, Internal Weapons Medalist

GARY Harris, Internal Weapons Medalist

Terry Greenwood, Internal Weapons Medalist

Some More Medalists' Pictures

Youth Weapons Medalists with Master Yang
1st - Zhang Maochang
2nd - Greg Cohen
3rd - Peter Jang

Youth 2 - Person Set Gold Medalists
John Kavanaugh and Carrie Steinfurth

Yang Taiji Medalists
1st - Julie-Anne Fultz
2nd - JENNIFER Sofranko
3rd - Kitty Watts

Hsing - I Gold Medalist GARY Harris

Baguazhang Medalists with Master Yang

Women's Internal Weapons Medalists

Bagua Weapons Medalists

More Medal Pictures

Sparring Medal Pictures

Master Yang would like to express his Sincerest Thanks to All Those who helped make This Year's Tournament possible.
See You Next Year!