What's New at Wu Tang Center

1-1-05 Traveling Master
Master Yang was in Florida teaching seminars at Nick Scrima's school in early December 2004. Watch for pictures from the seminars coming soon. He returned to the Center briefly, only to fly off to Las Vegas for the Holidays.

New Schedule
There is a new schedule of classes for 2005.
See Classes for details

Cody Does the Right Thing
The "Do the Right Thing" Program, coordinated by Officer Darletta M. Rubin, is
open to all Akron students. A board consisting of police officers, school personnel
and community leaders chooses which students are honored.
Cody Dillemuth, a third grade Honor student at Glover Elementary, is a three year
student of Master Yang's at the Wu Tang Center for Martial Arts. He was recently
chosen for the "Do the Right Thing" award for reporting lost bicycles found near his
home. A ceremony was held in October 2004 at Akron City Hall's Council Chambers.
Cody has also done well in recent martial arts tournaments, winning second and third place medals. Congratulations Cody! and keep up the good work!


Shandong Masters

During his recent travels to China, Master Yang has had the pleasure of meeting many Chinese martial arts masters. Several of these gentlemen have provided photos and biographical data for us to share. Master Pang Xi Cheng of Qingdao, Shandong Province in China, is a Taiji Master. He is pictured below at the Qingdao Tournament with Masters Yang and Su.

Master Tan Gua Chang is a fifth generation master from Jinan, Shandong Province in China. He practices Ba Gua Taiji Quan, Cheng-style Ba Gua Zhang, and Xing Yi Quan. He is pictured below playing Taiji Sword, Push Hands, and Bagua.

Nei Jia Quan edited by Jess O'Brien

Master Yang appears in yet another publication, the book Nei Jia Quan edited by Jess O'Brien. Published in 2004 and only recently available, the book features interviews with famous internal martial arts masters. Master Yang has his own chapter and covers such topics as self-defense, tanglang quan, conditioning, Grandmaster Liu, Bagua and Baji. Published by North Atlantic Books in Berkeley, California, Nei Jia Quan is available through various distributors online, or visit their website at www.northatlanticbooks.com.

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